Reinventing how we look at space, British designer Ilse Crawford crafts work that places importance on the human experience, embodying it through a sense of home and with designs that are driven by life. Using a humanistic approach and emotional aesthetic, she forms a tightly knit and integral world that connects people and space together. In effect, the living environment inherently becomes one that is habitual, pleasant, and meaningful.
Colourway is a sustainable powdered mix house paint line inspired by Crawford's works and design principles. The modern and traditional aspects found in her craft is reflected  in the packaging design system with the distinct visual imagery and typography choices. The paint collection is catered towards individuals who are fluent with color and paint, such as artists, designers and architects. The packaging structure approach is simple, but functional with easy pour application; a die-cut of the paint color; and cardboard for its most prominent material usage. 

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